How To Place Your Order On Smart Pick BD

Placing your order on smart pick BD is so easy. We have multiple options for you to choose. You may choose any one of them as to your comfort.


Currently the available options are, you may choose any one of them as to your convenient-


Place Your Order Through Facebook

Facebook might be the most convenient process of placing and order for you. To make order through Facebook just copy the URL of the product page you want to buy or take a proper screenshot of the product and sent it to the message inbox of our Facebook official page with your details requirement. 

That’s it.

To inbox us, Follow the Link:



Registration of a customer account is mandatory to place a order. If you want to place an order through our website, You have to follow two steps. 


  1. Registration of a customer account 
  2. Placing the order with Logged in customer account.


Here is How To Create A Customer Account.

You may create customer account in any one of two way.

1st option: you may create a customer account by clicking sign up option.

2nd optopn: you may create a customer account directly while placing order.


Here i will guide you how to register an customer account on our website before placing order.

Step 1: 

Visit our website by typing URL on your respective device browser. Our Website URL is:

Step 2:

Find The sign Up button on the top right corner and click on it.

Step 3: 

After the click on sign up button, you will be redirection our new account registration page. Please fill up the required information and click on Submit Button.



Step 4: 

You will get a successful account registration confirmation message like this one on top part of the registration form.

You will also get a confirmation messages in your mail inbox.


Step 5: 

Now your Account registration is completed, It’s time to logged in your account and update shipping and billing address.

To do so, Click on the my account button from the right top corner of our website.


Step 6: 

Provide the User name/ Email addressee that you used at the time of account registration and click on the button named log in.

Step 7: 

You will redirected to your account dashbord like this.

Step 8: 

Click on the addresses menu from the left sidebar. You will come to a page like this one. Here you can update your billing and shipping address respectably.


Step 9: 

Click on Edit button  place right side of billing menu, You will  find a page like this one.Fill up the billing address details carefully and and press save address.

Step 10: 

You will have a notification of the change of your billing address. Now click on Edit button  place right side of shipping menu.

Step 11: 

You will  find a page like this one. Fill up the billing address details carefully and and press save address.



Congrats! your account registration and  billing and shipping address update is completed.

You are ready to place your order.






Now you have a customer account in our website. You are ready to place an order. Please logged in your account first then follow the steps described below.


Place Your order On Website With Your Logged In Customer Account.

First of all it is advaised to log into your account that you created earlier. To log in into account, Click on the My Account button from right top side of the website. You will be redirected to a page to put your log in details.

Leave your username and password in the  respective box and and click on Login button.



Now you are signed in. Its time to find your product and place order.

Step 1:

Find the proper products you may want to buy and click on it to go its sale page.


Step 2:

Read the product description carefully. If the product is perfect for you Check and update (if required) amount of product from left side of card.


If the amount is 1, you are going to a single piece of the product.


and if the amount is shown 2, It means you are going to buy two pieces of the product displayed on the page.


Step 3:

After the selection of right amount of product, you should click on the button named add to cart.


Step 4:


After the click on the button cart, you will be redirected to a page like this one. Here may change your product amount ( if you change your mind) , apply coupon ( if we offer and you have one).  If everything looks good to you please click on the button proceed to check out.


Step 5:

You will be proceeded to our checkout page where you will find your billing and shipping address information. For registered user the information will be be placed automatically. If you want a different shipping address than the billing address. Please Click on the check box placed just right side of the word ship to a different address? and fill up the required information.



Step 6:  its time to make the payment.  Currently we are taking payment through 3 alternative way.


  • bKash
  • Rocket
  • Cash on delivery ( Only for Dhaka)


You are free to choose one of the following method for payment as to your convenient.


If you choose bKash payment method:

Please send the money to our official bKash number which is 01312 535659. Then click on the checkbox placed just the right side of bKash word.

Fill up the required information which are bKash phone number from which you sent the money and the transaction ID number that you got from bKash while making payment.



If you choose Rocket  payment method:

Please send the money to our official Rocket account which is 01312 535659. Then click on the checkbox placed just the right side of Rocket word.Provide us the rocket number and transaction ID from which you have sent money by filling up the box.



If you want to pay by cash on delivery method:

Please choose cash on delivery checkbox from the left side of cash on delivery word.


*** NOTE: Please Know that Cash on delivery option is only applicable for Dhaka based shipping address (Not All Zone) . If you live outside Dhaka and place your order by choosing cash on delivery method, The order will not be approved and considered as void order.


Step 7:

After paying the product price showed on the invoice in you convenient payment method and filling up the payment information as instructed above, you may place your order by clicking Place Order button.




Step 8:

You will find find yourself in front of a page like this one.  Congrats, You have successfully placed an order on Smart Pick BD. This is the final invoice of your order.


You will also get the same invoice on two other place.


1. On the account dashboard of your smart pick bd account.


Go to the my account tab> login to your account> click on the order tab on your account dashboard. You will get the notification tab of your order.


If you want to review the details of your order, Click on the view button. Here you will get the details.



1. On the mail address that you have used while placing order of the products.


 Now What?

Just have patience,  we will review your payment information and other details. After we got confirmed the reception of your payment, we will call you over phone and let you know about your order status. This process may usually take 1 hour -24 hours.